Subproject C3

Uncertainty in the assessment of structure-properties relations in active and adaptronic load-carrying systems

In subproject C3, the initial conditions in using an active system for stabilization purposes of thin columns, see subproject C2, have been assessed and represented with the SFB 805 process model by numerical and experimental methods.

First results match the aimed work package stated in the SFB 805 proposal for the first funding period for the reliability-based component selection and design. Appropriate experimental test strategies for active components were developed. Both work packages on evaluating active component properties degradation and uncertainty in the assessment of the overall system reliability were partially achieved. Besides using appropriate simulation methods and designing test rigs and test scenarios for components and system, experimental long term tests on piezoelectric stack actuators in the active column have been started to evaluate the time variant interaction between the actuator’s and the passive column’s dynamic behavior. These long term tests have not been finished within the first funding period due to the time consuming first examination about the current relation and its description between active and passive system components. Similarly, retrieving uncertainty ratios was not completely achieved.

Despite the delays the ending subproject C3 has set an important milestone in SFB 805 with the analysis, the cross-process description and the assessment of uncertainty in structure-properties relation in active load carrying systems using the SFB uncertainty and process models. The results of structure-property-relation between the piezoelectric stack actuator and the passive load carrying structure together with the results of the load and system state control study from the ending subproject C1 are the basis of the new subproject C7. The results of the former subprojects C3 and C1 are both relevant for structure health control methods to be develop in subproject C7 in the second funding period of the SFB.

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Subproject Managers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka
Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Nuffer