ICUME 2018

On 15th and 16th November a total of 67 participants from industry and science from 8 different countries met in the Darmstadtium for the 3rd International Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering (ICUME).

Pic 1: Keynote speaker Assistant Professor Tobias Eifler (Technical University of Denmark)

In 34 presentations, all participants were given an insight into the current research topics of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 805 “Control of Uncertainty in Load-bearing Mechanical Engineering Systems”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), as well as the research of all other national and international speakers.

Pic 2: Technical discussions at the poster exhibition.

All presentations were held in nine thematically sorted and partly parallel sessions.

During the breaks between the sessions, the participants had the opportunity to gain additional insights into the current research of various scientists which presented in total 24 posters. This opportunity was used extensively and led to lively discussions between the participants of the conference.

Pic 3: Keynote speaker Professor Hans Jürgen Prömel

The issues discussed at the conference covered a broad spectrum of methods and technologies for controlling uncertainty in load-carrying systems in mechanical engineering. In addition to mathematical and engineering approaches, legal issues were also considered in the session “Responsibility for Autonomuous Systems”. Guest speakers in this session among others was Professor Hans Jürgen Prömel, who addressed the subject of autonomy at the TU Darmstadt in his talk.