4th International Conference on Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering

Thank you for joining the 4th ICUME!

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and guests for their contributions to our conference and the closing of CRC805. The conference platform will be online for some time so that you can network and watch the videos again.

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At ICUME, the participants will discuss methods and technologies to describe, evaluate and control uncertainty in mechanical engineering applications. International scholars and specialists will come together to provide a broad forum to discuss the description, evaluation, avoidance, elimination of and adaptation to uncertainty.

It is the aim to control uncertainty throughout the system’s complete lifetime in planning, development, production and usage of mechanical structures and systems. Engineers, mathematicians, legal experts and other areas of expertise working in uncertainty evaluation exchange latest research results and application of uncertainty control.

The following research areas with the associated key researchers will be investigated at 4th ICUME:

Resilience as a concept for mastering uncertainty

Prof. Pfetsch / Dr. Kloberdanz

Mastering uncertainty by digitalization

Prof. Pelz / Prof. Anderl

Uncertainty in production

Prof. Groche / Prof. Abele

Responsability for autonomuos systems

Prof. Groche / Prof. Wendt

Uncertainty quantification

Prof. Kohler / Prof. Melz

Optimization under uncertainty

Prof. Pfetsch / Prof. Ulbrich

Prof. Jose Rios,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

ICUME 2018 was mainly focused on Mechanical Engineering, but it comprised a wide variety of perspectives from where the uncertainty concept was analyzed, presented and discussed, and that helped to provide a multidisciplinary view on the main issues that affect uncertainty and to trigger ideas connecting different issues and techniques.

Picture: Rios
Prof. Klaus Schuetzer Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
Prof. Eberhard Abele Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr. Lena Altherr Münster University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Reiner Anderl Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Sez Atamturktur Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Scott Cogan Université Franche-Comté
Prof. Stephen Duncan University of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Armin Fügenschuh Brandenburg University of Technology
Prof. Okan Görtan Hacettepe University
Prof. Peter Groche Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr. Hermann Kloberdanz Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Michael Kohler Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr. Petr Kolár Czech Technical University in Prague
Prof. Yannis Korkolis The Ohio State University
Prof. Adam Krzyzak Concordia University
Prof. Ulf Lorenz University of Siegen
Prof. Tobias Melz Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. David Moens KU Leuven
Prof. Peter Pelz Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Marc Pfetsch Technical University of Darmstadt
Dr. Roland Platz Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Rüdiger Schultz Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Prof. Sebastian Thöns Technical University of Denmark
Prof. Stefan Ulbrich Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Dirk Vandepitte KU Leuven
Prof. Harro Walk University of Stuttgart
Prof. Janine Wendt Technical University of Darmstadt
Prof. Jun Yanagimoto The University of Tokyo
Prof. Michael F. Zäh Technical University of Munich

Join the conference

There are two possibilities to join the conference:

  1. First possibility is to organize your own minisymposium. Choose your topic and invite three to four speakers. Send us a short proposal including abstracts, titles and presenters of your minisymposium. After a successful review process we’re going to give you your session.
  2. Second way to join ICUME is to give a talk in a further session. Therefore you have to submit an abstract of your talk. After a review qualified participants are assigned to an appropriate session.

We call for minisymposia and talks.

All qualified speakers decide on their own if they want to publish a full paper after they submit an abstract. However, every speaker gets a slot of 25 min for presentation and discussion.


There will be conference proceedings, published in the series lecture notes in mechanical engineering by springer.

The papers must have at least 6 pages and should not exceed 10 pages. The submitted papers are subject to a full peer review process. All deadlines are listed in the next paragraph.

Templates for and guidlines for author can be found at Springer.

All submissions have to follow the Reference Style “Basic”, Citation Style “Numbered” and Numbering Style “Content Only”. Figures will be printed in black and white in the proceedings. Nevertheless, the eBook version can display colored illustrations. All submitted colored illustrations must be recognizable in black and white.

Important dates

minisymposium proposal submission October 02, 2020
abstract submission October 02, 2020
full paper submission December 31, 2020
review notification March 08, 2021
final paper submission March 31, 2021
conference June 07 – 08, 2021

Conference fee (update)

Since the conference is virtually, the fees have been reduced.

The conference fee includes both conference days. Day tickets are not available.

All speakers have to register for the conference.

regular fee: 100€